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21st March - 20th June

Spring is a time for new and rising energy, In our yoga practice we root through our foundations in our poses, whether that through feet, hands or head to rise up and the deeper we root, the further we can grow with stability and strength. We work through postures to support our Liver and Gallbladder energy, cleansing poses such as twists and side bends really help to detox and strengthen these organs and the body, preparing these organs for the coming year. Spring is about moving out of stagnation, a slow, smooth, steady flow of energy as we move in and out of postures.

Pink Blossom
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21st May - 20th June

A focus on connection, early summer is about our Fascia or connective tissue. We also use the early summer season to begin to prepare and warm up our bodies ready for the heat of summer ahead.

The fascia surrounds our bones, muscles and organs - our entire body. It is a living web of tissue which permeates every fibre of our body, it is so important to keep the connective tissue moving and hydrated, and yoga helps to stretch and compress these fibres, allowing for lengthening and freeing up any built-up toxic particles.

Reaching Out to the Sun
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21st June - 20th August

Summer is a fire energy time of year, the season of joy, compassion and sociability.

Our yoga practice is invigorating and fun, we work on building heat in the body, work on core strength and using arm balances to open the meridians of the heart and small intestine - the organs of the season.

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21st August - 20th October

An important transitional time, late summer is a time to re-centre, create balance and stability. We are preparing for the cooler months ahead.

In our yoga practice we return to ourselves, reestablishing our centres. We focus on connecting to the earth and rooting down, through balancing postures. We will create clear thinking and a clear mind, and nourish our bodies through our practice.  We practice postures that give us stability, strength and focus and use side bends and forward folds that allow us to surrender to the earth.

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21st October - 20th December

In unison with the leaves on the trees, Autumn is a time for us to let go of things that we may be holding on to, remove the old and focus on the things that we truly value.

Our focus during our yoga practice is breathing, using opening and closing postures to increase breath capacity and support the lungs - the organ of the season. We also work on gathering energy inwards - ready for the cold months ahead, the class will have a slower pace, as the season around us starts to slow and the heat of the summer subsides.

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21st December - 20th March

Rest, renewal and rejuvenation - the key to the winter season.

The element of the season is water, so as as water flows so shall we. A slow, steady flowing class, moving fluidly between postures, and then staying in postures for a time. We will practice longer end of class nidra meditations to rejuvenate the brain and nervous system and return the thoughts from the muscles back to the mind.

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